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Facts on Chocolate Fountains

The chocolate fountain has changed the way one hosts a party. It has also greatly impacted the catering business and has been around for more than 15 years or so. Those who are planning to host or organize a small or large event should consider buying or renting a fountain. If you are curious about the basics of the fountain, this article aims to provide 5 basic facts on chocolate fountains.

Delicious Facts

What is a chocolate fountain? This is a pot that is usually made of stainless steel that is self-stirring. Depending on the type of fountain, it usually stands about 12-52 inches tall. A basin catches the chocolate at the bottom as it flows down different sizes of tiers. The chocolate is melted in the bottom of the basin and when it is perfect in texture, it is brought to the top by an auger. From the top it topples down. Guests can enjoy placing their fruits or snacks underneath the cascading chocolate.

What is it used for? It is used for entertainment as well as providing guests with a sweet tooth pleasure. It can also be used as a decoration.

What are the types of fountains? An organizer must look at the kind of event that is being planned in order to decide which the best type of chocolate fountain to use is. There are small ones that can be used in the home. It can be for dinners for the family. Homeowners can buy their own fountains which can be found between $30-$300. Many can be put in the dishwasher but there might be some parts that can easily break.

There are also large commercial chocolate fountains that are used for larger events and used by caterers. These are most often found in weddings, proms, and other large gatherings. The amount of chocolate that this kind of fountain can hold can be up to 100 pounds. It can cost up to thousands of dollars. Many choose to rent and companies that provide this also offer help with installation at the event.

What do I need to consider when renting a fountain? The market is competitive in terms of providing this kind of service. It is advisable to go through different packages in order to find the best deal. Some packages not only include the fountain but also offer installation, skewers, and other decoration. Consider how many people will be attending the event and the feedback of other customers since there is a risk in renting a fountain that might not be made of good quality.

What can be served with small or large commercial chocolate fountains? Those that have this in an event should be creative in terms of serving ideas. Not only can chocolate come from the fountain, but you can add white chocolate and even peanut butter for example. Some of the popular food that is dipped includes strawberries, kiwi, marshmallow, sugar cookies, granola bars, and pretzels.

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