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How to Get Started With Fish Recipes

Nature has provided us with a wonderful bounty, readily available from our oceans and rivers. Many people today are looking for interesting fish recipes to liven up their daily diets. Today, more and more people are discovering the pleasures of eating at home and cooking is once more becoming an enjoyable hobby and an admired skill. There are those who avoid cooking fish because of its delicate nature and flavor but experts agree that fish is an excellent source of nutrients for the body, is often a much cheaper alternative to meat and is actually quick and easy to prepare. Many types of fish contain Omega 3 which is known to be good for the heart and, depending on the cooking method used, fish is generally low in calories.

When you're looking for fish recipes, avoid anything that looks too complicated or requires a lot of ingredients. Because fish is naturally low in calories, it's also wise to avoid recipes that add too many other ingredients. The old British favorite for example - fish and chips - features fish dipped in a starchy batter and then deep-fried in oil or animal fat. This negates the many healthy qualities to be found in other fish dishes. Fish is at its best when it's cooked simply. There are many ways of cooking fish and baking is probably one of the easiest methods.

Most varieties of fish are suitable for baking but most white fish fillets, such as cod, will bake in about fifteen minutes in an oven pre-heated to 400 degrees. The fish will need a little liquid and some flavoring to enhance it just a little; suitable liquids are vegetable stock or white wine diluted with water plus a little lemon juice. Although it's best to avoid adding too much extra fat, a touch of melted butter is an addition that will give the fish more flavor. Cover the fish with foil or a lid before placing it in the oven.

Basic fish baked in such a fashion is delicious but watch for fish recipes that suggest additional flavorings to enhance the taste. Many recipes suggest the addition of a couple of bay leaves which add a subtle flavor. Try adding a few black peppercorns too, remembering that these, like the bay leaves, are there to add flavor and are not served with the dish. You'll also find recipes that show that fish can be baked in other liquids. For example, try using a can of chopped tomatoes, complete with the juices. Add Italian herbs such as oregano, some freshly ground black pepper and a touch of garlic and you have a completely different fish dish that is low in calories, high in nutrients and yet has a delicious Mediterranean flavor.

Baking fish is just one example of an easy fish dish. As you search for more fish recipes you'll come across many varied fish dishes that are perfect for everyday family meals and for sophisticated dinner parties. And these can mostly be made simply, easily and quickly. When it's time to serve your fish recipes, choose simple, fresh accompaniments. It's usually a good idea to garnish your fish meals with lemon wedges and a couple of sprigs of parsley. A fish dish can be served with a leafy green salad and a loaf of French bread to mop up the juices. For lunch, dinner or entertaining, fish dishes provide a healthy option at a low cost.

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